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Wedge Anchor Fateners

Wedge anchors, also known as expansion bolts and expansion anchors, secure themselves using a mechanical wedging effect at the end of the fastener. There are three basic styles of wedge anchors: fully threaded, partial threaded and the full-bodied wedge anchor. Tightening the bolt results in a wedge being driven up against a sleeve. This jams the end of the bolt, and provides the strength. If a mechanical anchor fails, it is usually in the form of pulling out a wedge of concrete, and for this reason, proper design looks at the depth of embedment and ensures that the bolts are not spaced too closely.

Wedge anchors are designed to anchor objects into concrete. They are installed into a pre-drilled hole, then the wedge is expanded by tightening the nut to securely anchor into the concrete. They are not removable after the anchor is expanded.

Concrete wedge anchors' design allows them to anchor fixtures into concrete. Concrete wedge anchors work by inserting them into a hole drilled into concrete. The concrete wedge anchor is then expanded, wedging itself securely in the concrete.

Through Bolt for push through installation.
The fasteners is hammered into the drilled hole upto the anchors length (minus the height of nut.)
When the nut is tightened, the tappered bolt is pulled into the safety wedge clip and expands it. The safety wedge clip is very reliable for anchoring and expands & takes grip in the wall.


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